At first I wanted to create a realistic shark  coming right off the water. For my color/diffuse pass I decided , I rather go with something that had been struggling in the dirt and blood. I am realizing now that it mgiht not have been the best option LOL



The AO or Ambient Occlusion pass really helped with those soft /inner shadows on the shark's fine wrinkles. Considering that I was pushing this through Mental Ray (Wow, I can't believe I made it). Generating a descent Vector Displacement Map out of Zbrush, One that would produce all the fine wrinkles and work well with MR SSSKIn was not easy . But hey, the end result is not too shabby.

MV2D Pass


To Get Motion blur.



Althought I am not quit sure about its proper name, I call it the Mask pass. This little guy helped me out a lot. Especially when I wanted to Isolate specific part of the shark and only apply whatever nodes I wanted without affecting the rest of the comp.



I used the Roto Nodes to achieve many things.I use it to Darkend Area , Mask, Roto, Matte, Replace many aspect of my comp.

Here is an example of the set up.

This is the new plate I am working on, to Improve the " Lady in Paris shot " in my reel. My second piece. I would like to achieve " INVISIBLE" compositing in this shot. The tracking is being done in PFTRACK.  Right away the rack focus at the beginning presented a little bit of a challenge to get a good track but No problem, I had a plan to fix it :-).



The Specular/Gloss/Roughness pass was key to achieving a sense of wetness . The shark needed to look like it had been out of the water for only a few hours. Thanks to the power of NUKE, I was able to polish this pass and relatively control it  well throughout the entire process.

3d multi-pass rendering techniques and colorspace concepts are key to achieving realism , especially with Organic Models and Realistic Skin(ssskin). I had an ungodly amount of passes. Here are a few that were key to achieving the result in my reel.

When I started the Shark Project, My goal was to test a pipeline which includes:


1. Multi-pass rendering in Mentalray

2. MRssskin/Mia_X_passes

3. Colorspace Concepts

4. Matchmoving/Camera tracking(well, sort of)

5. Rotoscoping

In retrospect , I think the diffuse pass was a bit too dark. Originally, I wanted the shark to seem like it had been out of the water for a couple of hours, struggling in its own blood and dirt. A bit like the image on the right.

Quick Frame grab to test and have a broad overview of the project before really jumping into it full mode,  you never know with these things, planning ahead is always best. HEHEHEHE :-)

While you are waiting to see my next stage of this project , you are welcomed to hang out with my pet Mobbit can click on the link here : and see what I do WITH ZBRUSH and PHOTOSHOP when I am one inch away from screaming at NUKE ( not really ! ), I just like doing Models for fun.

Quick markup to see if the concept art works for the perspective  and I think it does. I ll spend sometime in photoshop to polish the work and I ll be back with some nice sharp images for ya :-).

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